Can the "Stacked Line" graph y-axis be resized?


When using the line graph in the insight report, and breaking down by cohorts, the y-axis will auto scale with the displayed data as you select different combinations of data to display. 


When using the stacked line graph, the graph does not auto scale. Is there a way to change this scaling manually or turn on this auto scaling? This makes it difficult to create a meaningful scale when breaking down cohorts that are significantly smaller than the “All Users” cohort, which dominates the scale. 

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Hi @jmartini 


Unfortunately this is a gap with the functionality right now, caused by the fact that any stacked chart needs to somewhere be aware of the total number within the chart in order to make the stacked values or percentages. This simply means the scale is fixed because the figures are always a function of the total number in your chart.


Our teams are always looking to improve our reports, and if you submit this request to our support team they can log it as a product gap for you, meaning it will be sent directly to our team to add into the product.


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@jmartini — I was actually able to convert your question into an Idea, so the good news is you do not need to take the extra step to submit this to our support team!

Any idea posted in QBQ will be submitted automatically as a product gap to our product team — so keep the feedback coming via this form.

We really appreciate you sharing these details with us so that we can help you get the most out of the product!