Mixpanel Email: how to get around with dark mode?

  • 23 July 2020
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Does anyone have experience in building emails for dark mode?

In Apple mail and on desktop the mail reads perfectly on a white background but in the Gmail app on dark mode the email background goes into dark mode which affects all images and design.


I have a tried following:

  • I have changed the background colour of the email in the appearance settings.
  • I have changed the block background to white instead of leaving it transparent (this is only for text blocks), I am unable to change the background colour of an image block

The only solve I can think of now is to put a white glow/shadow around the image.

Any other ideas?




1 reply

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Hi @AWalker —

I’m aware that you already spoke with our support team about this, and we’ve already submitted a product gap for this on your behalf. It sounds like you are curious how other Mixpanel users have dealt with Messages in Dark Mode in their own projects — so if you are here in QBQ please chime in with your solutions!  What have you tried so far?


For anyone else running into this issue, here are a few suggestions from our support team:

  • Make the text in your logo less dark
  • According to this article, Stripo, the tool we use for our message builder, recommends the following to prevent the background color from changing in dark mode:

    3. Set background colors for email containers

    If you do not want your email content to have a dark background, you may set custom one with Stripo.

    The color that you set as the “Background color of content” will remain exactly the same in the dark mode.

  • Include a dark mode media query in your CSS  (Dark Mode for Gmail on iOS is relatively new and doesn't support this specific dark mode media query at the moment)

Here are a few resources that anyone can review as well: