Retention based on day of the week

  • 13 February 2019


I was thinking it would be useful to allow retention analysis in situations where seasonality is important.

So, for example, instead of showing dates as rows we could aggregate the past few weeks information and take just the day of the week.

The idea would then be to compare for example the retention from Wednesdays by taking a look up to three days after (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) vs. Sundays (how many users would come back on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

This could be considered.

This could be considered.

Hi @adrianovinhas and @silk_road, I am wondering if our breakdown by "day of the week" feature in our Insights report might help you answer this question. Inside of our Insights report you can segment data by the special “Date” property -> “Day of the week” - with this search you can analyze which day of the week you get the most traffic. Please take a look at our Insights Overview Article to see how to breakdown an Event by Day of the week.

If this does not hit what you are trying to accomplish, to get all the details of your use case, would you mind elaborating more on your Idea? We would appreciate as much detail as possible!