Screen Resolution Distribution

  • 30 April 2021
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I want to see my visitors screen resolution distribution. The data are in mixpanel properties.

Mixpanel Property

But not in Insight Profile Properties.


How can I see screen height and screen width in profile properties break down?


Thank you.

1 reply

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Hi there! 

First of all, sorry for the delay, but I’d love to help you with this. Mixpanel stores properties at two levels - the event (or the “thing that’s happening”) and the user (or the “person doing the thing”). This distinction is important because event properties are capturing the value at the exact moment in time when the moment was performed whereas the profile property is simply capturing information that describes the user.


In general,  our Javascript SDK automatically collects the resolution via the user agent and passes it through onto the events, but we do not do this (by default) at a user level. The reason for this is that when we send resolution through at the event level, it makes sense because an event was performed on a device, and that device has some resolution. If we set it at the user level, it will always override to whatever their most current resolution is, but when we query on that property, it would return all the events that they have done across devices, which could create some confusing results. 


So, with that in mind, there are two options. One is you can manually set a user property OR you can still get at this analysis, but you just query on the events themselves. The query would look something like the following from a fake data project.


Let me know if that helps.