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  • 11 September 2019
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Hi. I'm relatively new to Mixpanel. I'd like to find out how many of our users are using Chrome, how many are using Internet Explorer, how many are using Edge etc. In the Live view I can see which browsers are being used by each user, but I can see how to get the total number of users using each type of browser. Does anyone know how to do this?



1 reply

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@AndyC - hello!

I would recommend using their Insights reports to get this answer.

If you want the unique browser count event, I would search "Show Unique [Event Name] -> breakdown by Event Properties Browser"(screenshot attached).

If you want to see how many total users have their people property set to a certain browser, I would search "Show Total All People -> Breakdown by People Properties Browser" (screenshot attached).

You may have see this, but I thought I'd also share their Insights report Basics Help Article and their Insights Deep Dive Course.

Hope this helps you out!