What do you think of Mixpanel Community? Take the Survey

  • 16 May 2022
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What do you think of Mixpanel Community? Take the Survey
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Genuinely, honestly, what do you think? 

This is a question I’m always asking of members as we always want to grow and evolve. 

Take a moment to give your opinion and advice anonymously here before 24 June.

What did you tell us last year?

We asked this question via a survey in May 2021 and have since used it to inform our decisions, changes and updates. Here are the uncut quotes:

  • Seems like a lot of questions go unanswered. Links to docs get outdated. Old and irrelevant info.
  • Create more content that help customers. Do virtual events.
  • Promote how it can be useful for specific use cases via newsletters etc. - forgetting about it
  • I think more content authored by the mixpanel team would be great. I especially enjoy the product manager video walk throughs
  • Create a community where everyone (not only tech or implementers) will thrive
  • I do not visit the community often, maybe an email digest about the latest and greatest might help me visit the community more often.
  • Its a very good concept with loads of potential but it needs more help to keep people engaged with more prompt answers
  • Provide details about upcoming features and new releases

What did we do with that?

Launched the Slack Community

In February 2022 we added a new space where product enthusiasts could gather and to-date have 800+ folks engaging and sharing in realtime. We suspected this may be an easier location for some folks as it’s part of their tech-stack already and it seems we were right. It’s still very much a work-in-progress as we figure out channels, content, cadence and things like networking-pairings but so far so good!

If you haven’t joined yet, go ahead and check it out here

Started sending monthly newsletters

Serving as a roundup of the most popular topics but a great way to uncover new use-cases for features. The most popular content in these newsletters were the events which although frequent can be a little bit hard to keep up with across Mixpanel!

p.s. If you are opt-in to the Mixpanel mailing list and a registered user here or on Slack you will get these emails.

Started to spring-clean

Mixpanel community has been around since 2018 so a bunch of posts from that time are either out-dated or just horribly wrong thanks to our consistent updating of the product! We began to remove irrelevant content and our on our way to replacing the most frequently asked questions with more detailed how-to’s and solutions.

p.s. If you still find something old and irrelevant please let me know!

Created a calendar of trainings

With everything from next level insights and funnels to the continuation of the Mixpanel Q&A format we created informal, un-muted and often un-recorded spaces for Mixpanel users to be trained in the traditional sense. It continues to be a pillar of community especially for users who don’t have access to a Customer Success Manager; being able to get some face-time with Mixpanel experts and discover new best practice is invaluable. Find the calendar here.

Started to focus on reducing the response time

This was in huge-part thanks to our amazing Community Champions who really stepped up in the forum but also in the questions channel in Slack. There’s nothing worse than wanting to find an answer in your data and not knowing how to go about it and not everyone has time to indulge in a self-paced or live training for 45 minutes. This remains a priority.

This form is will stay open until 24 June

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