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Do you have bookmarks for your favorite product/data/analytics articles? Share them below!

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This isn’t a super new article (pub. date was Apr 14) but I do find myself coming back to it and thinking about it quite a bit. https://medium.com/@donalddotfarmer/creativity-in-constraint-c3fbf912f6a7


Donald was recently put on my radar because of an Innovators profile we did on him a couple months back. He has some really cool ideas and content. His Innovators article (which I also found interesting) is here in case anyone’s curious: https://mixpanel.com/innovators/a-framework-for-innovation-in-business-and-products/

Here’s some that I’ve found interesting over the last month or so:

People often talk about wins and losses, but not draws. Flat A/B tests are “draws” that provide no value because you learn nothing from them. This post talks about why you should avoid flat A/B tests, and how.


A look at how the "Bernie 2020" campaign’s tech team used technology and analytics to create the BERN app, and how they leveraged “relational organizing” to increase their user base and voter turnout.


A New York Times opinion piece that uses data on indoor activity, foot traffic, and visit duration at various businesses to ponder the question - which businesses do we open first as we slowly and safely start re-opening the nation.

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An old one but good one: on figuring out how to prioritize & what to build next: https://blackboxofpm.com/product-management-mental-models-for-everyone-31e7828cb50b