Share a photo of your remote workstation!

  • 18 March 2020
  • 7 replies

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Mixpanel HQ is working remotely right now — which gives us a chance to get creative with our wfh desk set-up. Share your remote workstation in the thread below :slight_smile:

7 replies

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I’ll get us started with my wfh station :house_with_garden:

WFH essentials — plant friend, tea, & my favorite nature’s wick candle. 


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Multi functional desk - has storage, can be used as coffee table, standing desk or regular desk. 


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My essentials: Rubik's cube fidget toy and water canteen

I always try to keep it this clean/organized :-)

Infra checking in


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Multi-computer inbox

Trying to keep this desktop clean, but secretly hiding synthesizers in the drawers… 😬

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this is my setup from last year 🙃