Productivity hacks when working from home

  • 12 March 2020
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Who else is working from home this week?

Mixpanel Engineer @ak-at-mixpanel-se shares tips to staying productive on our blog — check it out here.


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3 replies

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I’m all about TomatoTimer! I break out the timer when I’m distracted and stuck. I even use it when I’m in the office too.

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This is probably a hack for productivity in general but I love the Eisenhower Matrix (below). It helps me at the beginning of the week when I feel tempted to write an overwhelmingly long to-do-list. I then review that list through the lens of the framework and trim it back so I can actually get it done!



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I really like to use the “Stones method” (ok, I made up that name, can’t remember the official nomenclature). 

  1. Write down all your tasks
  2. Imagine each task is either a big stone, a pebble or simply sand
  3. Now imagine your day is a bowl with limited capacity
  4. Take up to 3 big stones, add a few pebbles and lastly fill the bowl with sand
  5. Voila! Best way to prioritize your task list and avoid taking on too much stuff :)