Not so much an idea but a couple of comments on ov...
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Not so much an idea but a couple of comments on overall product strategy following the Product Roadmap session in the EMEA Customer Forum, which was great. Well done to the PMs for presenting their sections, and lots of good stuff to come — I won’t do spoilers. 1. A while back, I remember hearing @kind-oil-28913 talking about the value of solutions that solve multiple problems. It sounds obvious, but I’m really starting to see this in the many ways that the product is evolving and in how you’re organising the product teams. It’s something that you do better than most other products, so I look forward to seeing it continue. 2. The capability to ingest events from Data Warehouses means you become a genuine alternative to BI tools like Tableau. I love this because many (probably most) of us still use Mixpanel alongside these other tools. That said, if it’s successful, I’d guess you’ll start to serve more personas that are less forgiving about some of the simple formatting issues that a few folks mentioned — adding units to charts, tweaking colours, customising axis ranges, etc. I know you know this stuff, but I’d love to have an internal conversation about using this capability and I can imagine trivial things like this throwing the whole thing off track. My 2 cents, great job as always 👏
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