Would be really nice to be able to able to create ...
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Would be really nice to be able to able to create reports/boards with a defined time scope that ends in the future - eg to report on a marketing campaign, be able to start at t-3 days and end at t+30 days or t+90 days of when it launched etc (eg launching a campaign today, to be able to set it from August 6th to September 9th right now), so that we don't need to close-out the time periods on older campaign reports later on - we really care about seeing the launch impact of a campaign, so we want it from a specific date (rather than a rolling 30 day window), but we are never going to care about the behaviour 6 months after that campaign has ended etc. Similarly, quarterly OKR type reporting we want to be able to create before the quarter starts sometimes, and have it stop automatically at the end of the quarter - would be great to not have to update these reports and dashboards manually later on, and just define them once as being Q3 2023 compared to Q2 2023 etc.
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