One of the questions I get the most as a consultan...
# product-ideas
One of the questions I get the most as a consultant is “what’s a good value for [X] metric?“. For example, “What’s a normal dropoff in onboarding for an app in my industry”, “What’s a typical retention rate, etc.“. I can give them some wide ranges based on experience, but my sample size is always small. However, Mixpanel as a product is in an incredible position to provide guidelines around this, given how much data you have from your customers. By asking a question about the industry/vertical the product is in, and potentially just parsing the name of a report, you can give the user some guidance regarding what numbers they should be shooting for. It’s also a good use case for your foray into AI-assisted products. You can use event names to deduce the industry, report name (and type) to deduce the metric, and give guidance as to whether the metric is over-performing or under-performing. Won’t work for every metric but it can for the high level ones like onboarding success, activation rate, and retention rate.