Feature request: :bulb: I think it would be great ...
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Feature request: 💡 I think it would be great if Funnels had a ‘*Hide Metric’ / hide step feature*, similar to what can be done in Insights, Use case: I want to make a funnel chart for users that are being retargeted to revisit a sign-up journey, so the step 1 in the funnel is Session End and step 2 is a page view for people who had an ad click set in a page view. I’m not interested in visualising step 1 as that just quantifies all the session ends across our tracking, but it’s important for the logic to be specified before step 2 to make step 2 show the retargeted users who returned. Cohorts wouldn’t cover this via a filter that funnel on the users I care about, as you can’t set ‘users who did 1->2 sequence’ in a cohort. You can only use the time windows per event rather than the sequence of events.
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