1) Would be nice to group all google domains into ...
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1) Would be nice to group all google domains into one bucket so I see it as one unit rather than google.com, google.co.in, google.co.za, google.lv etc all separated out. I'd like to compare traffic I'm getting from different domains like slack, direct, instagram and I want to consider all of google as one unit. I use this to measure word of mouth coefficient at times. Report: Pageviews (unique users) > breakdown by Initial Referrer and Page Title. 2) Also, would like to see 404s on Mixpanel like we do in GA. On marketing sites, URLs may not change to a 404. So it would be something like domain.com/fsfadrw which will be broken but it won't be a /404. I'm not sure if it's possible to do this in Mixpanel. But it was possible in UA. And seems... possible in GA4 too. 3) Session Duration: Mixpanel shows session duration for nearly 90% of users to be 0 seconds. When I look at my built-in analytics tool for the marketing site, avg time on site is nearly
8 minutes
. So, I think there might be a bug here? I used the standard GTM implementation so I doubt I made a mistake with the implementation. Btw, I also prefer to see time on site in minutes over seconds. My Report Config: Session Start (unique users) > Session Duration (seconds). 4) Native integration with Google search engine console would be great!