I want to see a filters applied to a rolling windo...
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I want to see a filters applied to a rolling window of users. --- I’m building reports on the Growth Accounting framework and want to see trends over time, comparing across calendar months. For example, I want to see users who have performed an event between 60 and 30 days ago on a rolling basis relative to the date I’m hovering over. How do I do this? 1. I tried using cohorts. 2. I tried manually filtering report itself. --- 1. Cohorts aren’t a rolling window of users that have ever been in the cohort. They represent the users that are in the cohort as of right now. This changes dynamically every day. 2. The manual method doesn’t make operational sense, since I would have to adjust the filter every day, then export the data to be stored somewhere else in order to establish some sort of “rolling reporting.”