If you feel like you’re going in circles and unsur...
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If you feel like you’re going in circles and unsure where to focus or how to achieve your product goals, check this out! This framework has helped tens of teams achieve product focus. Given these delicate times where focus is critical for survival, i’ve decided to make this framework public in hope it helps others. If you haven’t heard it at #PMLIVE last week, here’s a second chance. Years of work building products, codified into probably one of the simplest ideas within the world of Product Management: I call it, the “Contact Lens”. Not only because it helps you see your customer better, but also because it puts you in contact with the value they receive. How to achieve product focus by using the right LENS with Product Analytics. With only 3 steps, here is how it goes: 1. Determine what Critical Action would lead to Customer Value. 2. Define Expected Usage Patterns. - What behavior would you expect from a “Good User”? - Are there any Product/Business Insights to consider? 3. Segment Users and Behaviors to choose who you’ll be optimizing for. *Complete steps 1 & 2 before diving into your product analytics to achieve 3. *This framework assumes you feel comfortable/trust your product analytics setup. If you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let me know what you think!