Hey folks, I'm Arpit Choudhury from India. :wave: ...
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Hey folks, I'm Arpit Choudhury from India. 👋 I've been working at the intersection of growth and community for most of my career, but over the last 2 years, have found myself obsessing over data tools and technologies. I'm not a data engineer, analyst, or scientist, but have had the chance to work with data extensively and now I'm working on bridging the widening gap between data people and non-data people. I had created Data-led Academy to foster data literacy amongst product and growth professionals and am now building astorik where anyone can get expert, unbiased, and actionable answers to their data questions, directly from practitioners or vendors. I typically find myself spending my days thinking, writing in simple terms, hanging out in communities, and answering people's questions about data tools and technologies. Fun fact: I've only worked at an office for 9 months in 9+ years of working! 🍻
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