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🌎 Hey everyone, JJ here, co-founder & CEO of burnt. and I'm based out of Dubai currently. Recently moved over from NYC(missing it every day🫠) and started building in the shadows two weeks into landing here. I've used mixpanel in my previous role but never really understood what I was doing tbh. Looking to learn from everyone here! 👩‍💻 My cofounders and I are building burnt, where we are reimagining the restaurant <> supplier dynamic. In an industry that is as old as time, processes in the back are age-old practices as well. Restaurants communicate and order their ingredients via emails, phone calls & even fax. Similarly, suppliers have processes that have not moved forward with the times. We are people from the industry, building with the industry, for the industry. I started my career aged 12 waiting tables and cleaning my family's pizzeria, then became a supplier to understand their problems and then moved into foodtech to help solve these problems. 😜 A fun fact about myself: My great-grandfather was the first person to export shrimp from India to the US, and every generation since has been in the food industry. So what we are building now is something I wish my family had back in the day. You can connect with me on Twitter or LI. Looking forward to meeting people in the community!
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