Hi! I'm Kendi, a UX Researcher in the Nordics; I'm...
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Hi! I'm Kendi, a UX Researcher in the Nordics; I'm currently based in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 I've interacted with Mixpanel in a previous role, and overall had a good impression, although admittedly, I wasn't a power user (and quite frankly, I never really understood in details what I was doing). However, in retrospect, many of the research problem statements and hypothesis were backed by evidence from patterns extracted in Mixpanel, so the value is undeniable. Now I'm incorporating more analytics, and looking forward to learning from everyone! I'm also excited to learn more about how to make the most of it, and hopefully also make a good case of using it within our current tech solutions. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, I'd be happy to chat about ux research, Mixpanel tips or tricks or a podcast recommendation 🙂
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