:tada: Hi everyone! Sam from Mixpanel's Product te...
# announcements
🎉 Hi everyone! Sam from Mixpanel's Product team here with an exciting update! Our new Company KPIs Dashboard Template is now officially GA and free for everyone to use! 💡*What is the Company KPIs Dashboard Template?* The Company KPIs Dashboard Template helps you discover, measure, and move the metrics that matter most. With only two events—a signup event and a value moment event—and just four clicks, our free template takes you from a blank slate to a comprehensive, investor-worthy dashboard in seconds. With nine fully customizable, segmentable, and explorable reports, the template is an ideal foundation for building out your metrics command center. To help you get even more inspired, curious, and confident about your data, the Dashboard also includes direct access to our brand-new Engagement, Retention, and Growth Primers, so you can learn more about these metrics and get step-by-step explainers on the charts in the template. Learn more:Read our blog post to get all the juicy deets • Already signed up and implemented? Try the template for yourself! (It's SO easy and SO satisfying!) • Want to learn more? Check out this nifty help doc. • Check out the links to our new Primers above 😉