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🔥 Here are the questions we will answer live in tomorrow’s Q&A: 1. How do I track the conversion funnel for our user experience where we have 2 population types (tech applicants and business application on a recruitment platform)? The first 6 steps are common to both, then it starts to differ based on the job chosen Inspiration 2. What is the best way to get a report of inactive users (who haven’t logged in or did any activity after 24 hours / 72 hours etc)? Inspiration 3. We are looking to run a migration to start using a different id for our users when it comes to third-party tooling. I am wondering what the right call is to update the ids and “merge the accounts” in mixpanel so their old events will still exist but the mixpanel
User Id
property will become new id . Should I be using aliasing or identity merging? Inspiration
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