Ok, Promo Friday! Have you ever thought if you’re...
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Ok, Promo Friday! Have you ever thought if you’re using your time efficiently, but not effectively? Most time management techniques are good at making us work productively. Tick many tasks off our to-do list, optimize every hour of our workday. But are we getting what really matters done? Pannacotta wants to change that. Its Chrome Extension connects to Google calendar to enable connecting goals to calendar events, to understand when we’re working to reach them, and when we’re distracted with other subjects. It’s in closed beta, but this community is invited to try it and give feedback. Just install the extension and refresh Google Calendar’s tab: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pannapanel/adnpnpeaakhdhlhbcnbpepbdiddopgdb/related?hl=en Hope it helps you too!
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