Hello Folks! Did you ever want to have some Mixpa...
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Hello Folks! Did you ever want to have some Mixpanel data brought to Google Sheets? I am someone who loves Mixpanel, but at the same time, there are situations where you need data outside of Mixpanel to blend it with data from other sources and analyze. I am a data-first product manager, and I like analyzing my data in Google Sheets if data needs to be blended from multiple sources. If you ever felt the need for a simple few-click data integration with Google Sheets, check out the following page. www.getnimble.io/mixpanel I am working on a Google Sheets add-on and thought I would ask this community to help me with some direction. If you currently export data to Google Sheets in some form or another, please describe your use case in a few lines. That will help me in picking the right features for the add-on. Feel free to DM me if you have some questions or want to discuss the product in general. PS: You can drop your email on the page above to get early access to the product.