Hey everyone :wave: After getting heaps of accola...
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Hey everyone 👋 After getting heaps of accolades for our email marketing report last year, we made a decision to build an even better and richer report this year. So we’re releasing the much-awaited State of Email 2023 and are excited to share the predictions and insights of 150+ email experts. Here’s what the report contains to help you ace your email marketing goals: 😱 Jaw-dropping forecasts and advice from 150+ marketers 📈 Data, trends, and innovations that shape the email industry in 2023 👻 Debunking common misconceptions about email marketing 💌 Important benchmarks from Team Mailmodo after analyzing 1B+ emails Get your copy to transform into an email leader: https://www.mailmodo.com/ebook/state-of-email/