:wave: Hey folks! I'm Raveesh from the Founder's ...
# announcements
👋 Hey folks! I'm Raveesh from the Founder's office at Enterpret, and we are super excited to share our native Mixpanel integration with the amazing community here. Bit more context on us - we came out of stealth only last year and are already working with companies like Notion, Figma, Samsung, Ironclad, and RunwayML. We are focused on the analysis of customer feedback across all channels and formats and the workflows that trigger from it (alerts, reporting, joining product analytics data, etc). Our customers leverage their user cohorts and behaviour data from Mixpanel and join it with qualitative user feedback to compare and contrast feedback between these cohorts (how are my churned users different from my power users in the feedback they share?). These insights help answer why certain user behaviours happened the way it happened, build hypothesis around product investments, and justify or rule out assumptions. Feel free to DM me if we can potentially help.