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📣 To build is to decide that progress is possible. Since 2009, our mission has been to help the world learn from its data. We’ve been lucky to partner with builders across all industries, helping them get answers from their data. As we began to widen our vision, it was a moment for us to question the entirety of our brand. We imagined a future where analytics isn’t limited to technical roles, but for everyone making decisions and leading organizational change. Analytics should be easy and fun. We believe builders are people who create change. Whether through new companies, products, services, brands, or communities. Our vision is for everyone to have all the answers they need at their fingertips. When everyone in the organization can see — and learn from — the impact of their work, they are poised to make better decisions. Making good decisions together consistently, at scale, is the fundamental practice of building companies. Good decisions make progress possible. And we are here to help you make more of them. To progress. Let's build. mixpanel new --- 🌐 Check out the new site here ➡️ 📝 A letter from our CEO ➡️
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