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👀 Ready for 24 hours of content from 80+ speakers in Design, AI, Product and Career Growth? Join us at BeMore Festival by ADPList, happening on 20 September. Members of the Mixpanel team will also be presenting and sharing at the event. Our first session, From Insights to Action: Harnessing Mixpanel for Our User Research will be presented by David Arjun, Senior User Researcher, Mixpanel, at 10pm PT on 20 September. There are many other industry leaders presenting, including: • Ruwan Fernando, UX Director, Ubisoft Toronto • Lola Salehu, Product Design Lead, Growth, Flicksocial • Cahyanto Arie Wibowo, Head of Product Strategy & Growth, Kapanlagi Youniverse • Dileep Pandiya, Principal Engineer, ZoomInfo • Maulanna Maryunani-Enoch, Product Manager Lead, OY! Indonesia We've got 15 tickets to give away to the Mixpanel Community 😎. Just be the first 15 to fill in this form!
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