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# announcements
🚀 🚀 🚀 Here is a roundup of our biggest releases from August: • Warehouse Connectors: You can now send data from Snowflake or BigQuery into Mixpanel without writing any code. Product, marketing, revenue data — if it’s in your warehouse, it’s ready to analyze. Available for all plans. • Boards on Boards: Whether you collaborate on teams, projects, or topics, you can now nest Boards within Boards for flexible, contextual organization. Available for Enterprise plans. • Event metadata: Fix data problems more easily with event usage context (e.g. who recently queried it) and gain peace of mind that you’re not disrupting your team’s workflows. Available for all plans. • Attribution: Improve conversion by identifying and focusing on the most effective touchpoints in the journey towards a key outcomes like signups or purchases. Available for Growth & Enterprise plans.
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