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# announcements
🤖 Introducing Kapa.ai: Your AI Helper in the Mixpanel Slack Community! 🤖 Mixpanel Community, We’re excited to share some thrilling news with you today! Mixpanel is piloting a new AI bot as a way to bring more value into our vibrant Slack community. Kapa.ai is here to lend a digital hand and provide quick answers to your questions, making your experience in our community even more rewarding. Why Kapa.ai? Kapa.ai is not here to replace the incredible human interactions that have made our community so special. Instead, it’s here to complement and enhance your experience. How to Use it: Using Kapa.ai is as simple as typing
followed by your question in the #questions channel. The bot will then work its AI magic and provide you with a speedy response. Whether you’re looking for insights, troubleshooting, or just curious about Mixpanel features, AI has your back. If a response is not accurate or incorrect, please let us know in the same response with a thumbs down icon and a comment. This will help us improve the experience. Do note: The bot does not currently support questions with images. Investing in AI Tools: At Mixpanel, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of innovation. This bot is just one part of our ongoing investment in utilizing AI tools throughout our product. We believe that AI can bring tremendous value to your experience, making it faster and more efficient. Community Guidelines Update: To ensure a seamless integration of Kapa.ai, we’ve updated our community guidelines. Rest assured that Kapa.ai will not store any personal information, ensuring your privacy remains a top priority. https://docs.mixpanel.com/docs/other-bits/support-and-community/community We can’t wait for you to meet Kapa.ai and explore all the possibilities it brings to our community. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reply directly in this thread. Your input is essential as we continue to refine and improve the AI experience in the community. Please also check out this Loom video on a demo/more information on Kapa.ai: https://www.loom.com/share/241b4a993bf1496aa20e766f4c8ebc38?sid=17310931-17be-4c9c-be54-9eac5a059fec! Sincerely, The Mixpanel Team mixpanel new
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