:mega: Happy Wednesday everyone! Eric from Mixpane...
# announcements
📣 Happy Wednesday everyone! Eric from Mixpanel Support here with an exciting announcement… We’re happy to announce that we’ve expanded our AI answer bot into its own dedicated channel! You can now conveniently ask any questions directly in the #ask-ai channel. You may have received an invitation to join the channel, so feel free to ask any questions there and our AI bot Kapa will auto-respond to your questions. I would encourage you all to upvote 👍 or downvote 👎 the answers so that we can keep getting better. Please note: you can still use the AI bot in the #questions channel as well though you may need to tag it as @square-processor-78551. Appreciate you all! Please feel free to slack me if you have any questions or concerns about the AI bot. As always, I’m here for you 🤗
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