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🚀 New Mixpanel feature 🚀 The Unique counting type now allows you to associate a user to one unique segment, either the first or last segment within the period of time. This ensures that a unique users isn’t counted for multiple segments, and instead focuses your analysis on the user and a single action they took. In the past, segments for an event counted by Uniques did not add up to the total. For example, in the example attached, total unique users is 1,760, but the sum of the segments is 1,900. This occurs because a unique user can make a purchase in two unique browsers - the focus is on the segment, so you’re looking at how many users were part of each segment. Some questions you can answer with this new counting methodology: • If you are looking to answer how your users are distributed across segments - I have 2000 users, how are they distributed across video category? • If you want to learn a user’s most recent preference - What video category is the last one that users watched? [choose the count “last time” option here] Below, you can learn more about how this update can affect your analysis: • How do breakdowns work with Uniques?What does attribution on Unique Users mean?
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