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šŸš€ New feature! šŸš€ Save Formulas so your team can trust and reuse calculated metrics. Many of our users leverage our Formula functionality to build metrics like Bounce Rate, Cost-Per-Conversion or NPS, but we're taking that a step further. Introducing Saved Formulas -- now, you can create a Formula that everyone in your organization can reuse and trust is accurate. Some of the main pain points this solves are: ā€¢ Every time you need to analyze NPS in a new report, you don't have to create a Formula from scratch ā€¢ Everyone in your organization can trust that this NPS calculation is correct, so they don't need to come up with their own definition ā€¢ The owner of the NPS formula calculation can ensure that it fits the context of their company You can learn more on how to create a Saved Formula here: https://docs.mixpanel.com/changelogs/2023-11-09-saved-formulas
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