:rocket::rocket::rocket: For our marketers, here i...
# announcements
šŸš€šŸš€šŸš€ For our marketers, here is a roundup of our latest features that help improve your website analytics experience: ā€¢ Web Analytics Template: in seconds, get up and running with all your core website performance metrics (new visitors, bounce rate, average time spent on pages, what source users come from, and more) needed to build a better user experience ā€¢ Automatic Channel Classifier: setup and manage your Channel definitions, i.e organic or paid search, social, direct etc which are a combination of UTM Sources, UTM Mediums & Referring domain, in a couple of clicks so you can start analyzing where users come from when they land on your website or convert. ā€¢ Page Duration: with no additional setup, understand the full story of user engagement on your website by learning how long users are viewing certain pages