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🚀 New Feature: Event Context🚀 You can now add/see rich context about an event, such as an image of the event, frequent users, reports that query it, or an owner for follow-up questions. With these contextual details, teams can build reports more quickly by trusting that they’re using the right event. Types of Event Context now available: • Embedded image of the event • Teammates that recently queried the event • Other reports that query the event • Event Owner, who you can contact for follow-up questions Check out our Demo and try it out today!
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@average-australia-25810 how do we add the image to the event context? Where can I find the full list of context that's updated automatically vs what needs to be added manually (and how to do that)? Thanks
Hi @elegant-yak-33538, you can edit directly in Lexicon, but you need to be a project owner or admin to be able to edit. The social metadata automatically populates (e.g. used in other reports or by other people), otherwise you'll need to manually add context such as owners, images, or descriptions via Lexicon