Hi, bit of a tricky question to start things off h...
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Hi, bit of a tricky question to start things off here, as I'm not sure if it is possible. Essentially, we have two events (simplifying it but a Purchase event (A), followed by another desirable event (B)), and we want to be able to measure the purchase amount from that single purchase (A -> amount) that lead the user to do the second event - essentially finding the Aggregate Sum for a property of the first event in the funnel (A -> amount). We're only interested in this specific occurrence of the event (though a user may enter this funnel multiple times - not too fussed if we capture them or not) so we can't just create a cohort from the funnel and then aggregate all the Purchases from those users. Open to any possible ideas anyone may have, including JQL if that's the only way anyone is able to think of - we're only really interested in a single total amount, so no need to be able to see it over time or break it down further etc. Thanks in advance!
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