Hi gang! So we've recently been investigating the...
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Hi gang! So we've recently been investigating the long-term impact of incidents on our platform that affect a small subset of users (eg 5k users). We were using a Lookup Table to tag if the user had been impacted by the incident, as this was a pretty straightforward option for our less technically advanced staff - just make a CSV of UserID and TRUE/FALSE for the specific incident! Unfortunately, we've just realised that you can only map a property to a single lookup table, so we can't report across multiple incidents at once. My initial super hacky idea was to just create extra custom properties that exactly duplicate our UserID column eg UserID1,2,...,100 etc and our staff could use that, but wanted to reach out to see if anyone else had a better option. Essentially, we just want to be able to import a list of users, and treat that as a cohort/segment of users we can target in reports. If I'm missing some awesome 'Upload cohort from CSV' functionality I would absolutely love to know! Thanks!