:wave: Hey guys, we currently have Mixpanel integr...
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👋 Hey guys, we currently have Mixpanel integrated into our iOS app. We also have a companion watchOS app we would like to track some analytics for as well. AFAIK, there is currently no watchOS support for Mixpanel. Is this correct? If so, we would like to send our events to the iOS app and trigger the events there. This would work fine if the watch has the phone in range but if not we would like to store them locally on the watch app and fire them via iOS when the connection is restored. Which leads me to my question, is there a way we can trigger events with custom timestamps in the past using the iOS SDK so we can fire and track these past events at a later date? Is this the best way to handle this or do you have better ideas for solutions? Implementing Mixpanel into a watch app is new to me so I'm open to suggestions!