Supporting staff across multiple time zones How is...
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Supporting staff across multiple time zones How is everyone else handling supporting analytics across multiple time zones? Eg we're in UTC +10 and our MixPanel environment is configured similarly, however our finance team operates in UTC, and as we expand to more and more countries, with additional staff operating out of substantially different time zones, we're wondering what the best approach is to make MixPanel easier for them? I'm currently considering creating two custom properties for our Order Completed events to calculate the Financial Day and Month of each order so we can easily match these up against our financial reporting (just using a breakdown on Financial Month rather than the month view on a line graph), but wanted to check in with how others were handling this and best practice etc, particularly as our customers generally fall within 4 time zones currently (ignoring daylight savings) and we're looking to expand to a couple more time zones within the next 12-18 months.