Hi Mixpanel community :smile:, I need your suppo...
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Hi Mixpanel community 😄, I need your support. I have noticed that the most recent values of a retention analysis are always worst than the older ones. I have been observing that for a while in order to find out what our product could do better. Now I have realized that for some reason the older values of the anaylsis are always improving with the passing of time (it looks like some events have been batched to be sent with a delay). Take for example these 2 screenshots. They are screenshots of the same retention analysis for different cohorts after the first week, but taken 2 days after the other. Here you can see how in the picture A the cohort for the 7th of March is 29.9%. In the picture B (taken 2 days after) the value of the same cohort (7th of March) is 30.08%. The cohort for the 7th of March is at least 6 weeks old so the retention of this cohort should not be changing. That is just an example. For more recent cohorts and for pictures taken even weeks after another the difference is even bigger. As I am responsable for the engagement team at my company the retention metric is one of the most important metrics, but I am not able to measure our progress if the values are always changing. Thank you in advance to everyone ready to help. I am really having a hard time figuring that out 🤞