Hi there! New to this channel and hoping to learn ...
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Hi there! New to this channel and hoping to learn from others who use Mixpanel 🙂 We use a generic event name of “Page Viewed” or “Pop Up Dismissed” event with a property called Page: Enrollment Page to detail which Page this event is fired from. Also, properties vary so a Page viewed event on one page may collect 10 properties, but another may only collect 5. For Funnel Reports, this is easy bc we use the handy inline filter feature. However, our way of naming makes it impossible to use the build in data dictionary tool Lexicon where it would appear as 1 row of Page Event and all possible properties that are captured across hundreds of locations across our web and mobile app. Lexicon is not helpful for our Product Managers and Analysts who simply want to use the Lexicon feature to see what events we capture on what page (i.e. a property called Page) and only the relevant properties to that page. Wondering if anyone who structures their events the same uses the built in Lexicon tool and if you have any recommendations on how you’ve managed this