I have some questions regarding properties that we...
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I have some questions regarding properties that we currently capture on every event on all our platforms (web and mobile app). The event properties are: • membership_status [current, expired, pending, etc] • membership_type [Consumer, Enterprise, etc] • service_area [SF Area, Boston, etc] Historically, we've captured these as event properties. (vs profile properties) since these can change at any time but have received feedback from engineers that at times these properties are "difficult or impossible" to add since the information may not be readily available to bring in. We are considering using super properties - We understand that Super Properties are a type of event property that you can register once to automatically attach to every event you’re tracking without having to manually include them. This sounds ideal. Question 1: Are there any negatives or things we need to consider for instrumenting super properties? Question 2: If they are "automatically added" if a member changes their service area will all the events post change reflect the updated service area? Question 3: There is a possibility that those 3 properties are already super properties, is there a way for us to tell from an analytics side between a super property and an event property?