I have a backend / setup question that I'm hoping ...
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I have a backend / setup question that I'm hoping is familiar to someone here. I'm loading existing event data from AWS Redshift to Mixpanel, I followed the steps outlined by Mixpanel pretty meticulously, but I'm experiencing a lot of mysterious data loss. The S3 bucket contains all the data I expect, the lambda function is running without any errors, but in Mixpanel about 40% of my data gets dropped silently. I did a bulk upload of data, and old data actually looks spot on, but more recent data that is being incrementally uploaded is sporadic with large data loss. It's been a real puzzle trying to troubleshoot this, as I can't find any logs that aren't perfectly happy and error free. The job is currently running every 4h, and the S3 files are partitioned by day. Has anyone encountered anything similar? TIA!