Does anyone use Mixpanel alongside Braze to report...
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Does anyone use Mixpanel alongside Braze to report on canvas conversions? I want to be able to effectively view uplift on a message against a control which (using blank webhook events). This is easy to achieve when using multiple variants on the top of a canvas (eg.
V1, V2 & Control
) as you can then filter in a insights report via
However the issue I am having is whereby there is only one variant at the top of a canvas because the audience is split at a later step using something such as an
audience path step.
I specifically use this to carry a core control variant from canvas 1 into canvas 2 for my onboarding journey. This means that I am no longer able to use canvas_variation_name as the filter in Mixpanel. Using something such as canvas_step_name doesn’t seem to be working for all canvas’s as some steps aren’t filtering through. If anyone has any advice that would be appreciated 🙏