Hi there! I've tried to find best practices for e...
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Hi there! I've tried to find best practices for embedding reports or dashboards into another application. I've found this: https://community.mixpanel.com/ideas/embed-reports-in-other-websites-or-apps-4031 And I know of this workaround: https://community.mixpanel.com/pulling-data-out-of-mixpanel-12/dashboard-and-mixpanel-web-app-pages-cannot-be-iframed-into-screencloud-like-kiosk-solutions-2250 And I know of shareable links: https://help.mixpanel.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402022733844-Public-Dashboards This alternative seems very rigid-> Can't filter on dates Anyone have experience with presenting Mixpanel-reports or dashboards in another application/GUI? I would think this is a common use-case 🤔 I just need some pointers or best practices.
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