Hi, I have an event say for e.g LoanAdded which w...
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Hi, I have an event say for e.g LoanAdded which would send an SMS to second party. From the SMS the other person might be interested to download the app and signup to be able to track the loan together along with the first party. Now I wanna measure this virality as a day to day report. e.g 10 loans added today and 2 new users acquired from those SMS sent. The AddLoan event would have the date of event and the deep link in the SMS through which the new 2 users are acquired have the UTM params of which the campaign_name has _load_added_date_ embed in it. Please help me how can I create the mentioned report to track the acquisition daily via new loans. I am unable to find any UTM related data in the properties of the new users. I am not sure if these initial referral data has to be added explicitly. I am hoping this would be implicit. FYI I am able to see these attribution of acquisition in the GA perfectly but with 3 days delay for the data to be visible.
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