Another question - does anyone send arrays through...
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Another question - does anyone send arrays through and has had luck querying them? We were hoping to send an array of objects through, and then do something like sum the amount from each object where the object has a specific key, etc. Sample structure to better explain: Event has an array property. Array is of an object with 4 items - ID, Code, Amount, Value. We essentially want to be able to Sum Amount for a specific ID or specific Code for all users etc. MixPanel appears to bring these through slightly differently to what we expected (eg screenshot) and we don't seem to be able to filter on these the way we were hoping to (eg create a cohort for all users with an amount > 10 for a specific code etc. Is anyone actually using arrays within their events for similar filtering to this, or would we be better served with a more flat schema, with an object with dynamic amount/value fields and the code as part of the key for those fields etc eg
etc so we can retain the dynamic nature?