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@glamorous-engine-44820 and @many-agent-16814 thank so much for the helpful feedback. For a bit of background, I work on the analytics team at my company and I have been tasked with trying to gather insights into the my company's internal tool that our employees use to get their work done. My background is in analytics and not web development so I'm a bit unsure of what is possible/not possible when it comes to event tracking. When I went into this project, I only thought we could capture specific items like clicks on a page or when users submit an internal form on a tool. I had no idea we could look at something as general of tracking page views (I discovered the feature thanks to a co-worker by chance) Basically, I wanted to ask this group if there were other things that mixpanel can track and do, outside of just capturing when specific links or specific buttons in the app are clicked on. I honestly wouldn't of known that you can track average time on a page if it wasn't for your article @many-agent-16814