Hey everyone, i have a couple of questions: I hav...
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Hey everyone, i have a couple of questions: I have a mobile app and web app: 1. Everytime a user logs in i call the .identify() function passing the user's email address. Is that correct? 2. What i should do in the following scenario: A user bought a product on mobile app and the confirmation of approval is received by email. The user clicked on "Finish" button, the event is tracked by android SDK ("click_on_finish_button") The request is send to my backend and it calls the payment gateway. When gateway returns its status we send a email using 3rd party email sender. I would like to track this event, something like: "payment_gateway_approved" or "payment_gateway_denied", but i have some questions: a) How can i create a link between the server-side event and the user profile? I have some kind of .identify() passing the email address like using SDK? b) Is that a correct implementation?