:wave: Hello, team! I need help in using Mixpanel...
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👋 Hello, team! I need help in using Mixpanel. So, attached is sample user retention made by GA (see image). I want the same report for my users in mixpanel doing a specific event week by week. Whenever a new user signups, I have “event A” triggered. And I need to track retention on trigger of “event B”. Mixpanel have retention report in which there is parameter of event B triggered anytime after the trigger of event A. So, if a user didn’t trigger event B in week 1 but did in week 2, so he will be counted in week 2 retention but not in one. I need to analyse 8 week retention. And my understanding is 8 week retention is user triggering event B every week. Whoever drops at certain week is dropped, even if he triggers the event in further weeks. Please correct me if I am wrong. Also, my understanding is I need to create the breakdown using the trigger date of event A. So, how I apply that as breakdown parameter. Alternatively, I can save that as a user and use user created date for breakdown in case on log-ins/signups but I wanted to know general case when I need to track 8 week retention after trigger of event A.