Hi everyone! I’ve been puzzling over something and...
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Hi everyone! I’ve been puzzling over something and would love to discuss with anyone willing! We are trying to make sure our month-to-month, unbounded retention numbers are accurate and have some concerns about using the basic, non-custom monthly date ranges in the retention module—mostly because we have a high enough volume of failed payments that take several days to resolve that our retention event (“Payment success”) may not be accurate looking month to month. We are trying to alleviate this by using custom date ranges of 35 days to capture the variability around the end of the month and payments going through, but over time that range will start to skew our “monthly” analysis. If anyone is working on a monthly subscription product and has been down this rabbit hole, I would love to pick your brain about the most full-proof way to track this in the retention module and what problems you have encountered along the way.